Based in Rochester Hills, MI
Based in Rochester Hills, MI

High Lift Garage Door

High Lift Garage Doors

We are expert installers of high lift garage door systems. If you’re in need of a solution, please contact us for a free estimate today. We install quality high lift garage door systems for commercial and residential needs. We work with and install all major garage door brands. Our team of certified high lift garage door technicians are ready to help you too! Call or get an online quote today.

Regular garage doors open at a height of approximately 7 to 8 feet. The inside of a garage is typically 12 to 15 feet high. With a high lift you can take advantage of that extra space. You could even create enough space to include a car lift. Check out our two videos below to see how much extra clearance a high lift garage door offers.

A high lift garage door is a modification installed to an existing garage door allowing it to open at a higher level. The process works by adding new tracks, springs, drums, and cables. Our installation process is quick and seamless and always done by a professional. At Auburn Overhead Door we take pride in our work and always go above and beyond for our customers.

If you are looking for a high lift installation or conversion, give us a call at 248-853-5510 or click here to get a quote.

We have over 35 years of experience performing high quality garage door repair and installation services. If you are in need of safe, reliable, and professional garage door repair call us today or email for a same day quote! Our garage door installation services are done by a knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced team of professionals.