Based in Rochester Hills, MI
Based in Rochester Hills, MI

Garage Door Spring Replacement Review

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“Our door spring broke on both sides yesterday (Sunday), had to have my neighbor help me lift the door to get my wife’s car out. Saw the reviews here and called Auburn Overhead at 9am this morning – hoping we could get at least a look and a quote by mid-week.

They sent a tech out (who pointed out that probably one spring was already broken, the other one went the day before – which made more sense). He took a look, replace the spring, straightened the door, and re-adjusted the opener (which I had not done properly when I replaced the drive gears last year).

Imagine my suprise when my wife calls about an hour later – I asked, “so what did they say” – she says, “oh, they’re all done – it’s all set”.

And the price was VERY reasonable.

In a world where it’s increasing hard to find good service, at a fair price, and as promised – Auburn Overhead Door excels on all levels!!

I HIGHLY recommend Auburn Overhead Door to anyone w/any issues with garage door, opener, etc.”


Grant Hickey Lake Orion, MI May 10, 2016


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